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Must Luster

Highlighters have moved to the center of the beauty world as luminous, dewy skin has become the favored look. The top glow-makers, starting with my favorite: Light Master Primer by Giorgio Armani.

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The Enlightenment of Makeup

The beauty industry has long put makeup and skincare in two different categories. But recently, newer brands are endeavoring to create makeup products with a two-fold mission: enhance your looks WHILE nourishish your skin’s health. The results are fantastic. My two favorite “enlightened” products.


Pink About It

If you’re going to shop anyway, why not shop AND support a cause. October is breast cancer awareness month; here’s an aggregate of goodies from your favorite beauty brands whose sales go toward research and awareness.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #10 Beige Tribute

Nude Mood

We covered underthings yesterday so it’s only fitting that today we “undress” the lip. Nude lips: My easy guide on how to apply and what products to try.


The Guest Editor: Vintage Redux in Chicago

Defining Delphine welcomes guest editor Lauren Dittrich Bilyeu. In addition to being a world-class cook (I highly recommend her cooking blog, and generally having an enviable taste-level (everything from napkins to travel plans), Lauren is known for captivating a room with her exquisite vintage ensembles. I asked if she would share some of her connoisseur secrets to successful vintage shopping in Chicago. Here, she outlines for Delphine readers a thorough list of the top boutiques that should be on your next vintage crawl. Now, if only we could each take her with us to employ her fantastic eye for vintage styling. Thanks Lauren, you inspire us at Defining Delphine.

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Tee Time

It’s fashion week in New York. When the spotlight is on the best of the best in design, it raises everyone else’s game. We find ourselves reaching for that prize splurge (a Burberry blazer? An Hervé Leger dress? A Rick Owens jersey top? ) that’s tucked away safely in the back …

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Enviably Modern Hair

This one isn’t text-heavy. A photo says it all: Karlie Kloss’s short hair is enviably modern. There’s been a noticeably shift in hair silhouettes as of late. Long wavy tresses are feeling tired while the short, fresh, tomboy ingenue cuts are modern and of the moment. If you’re looking for …


Bridesmaid Revisted

“I just want everyone to pick what they want to wear. To wear whatever they want.” I was reclining in the hair-laundering chair with my head dipped back in the porcelain sink. My upside-down face conjured a quizzical expression. The shampoo girl paused too. I tried to lift my head …

tea time

The Land of a Thousand Lakes (and Boots)

Every summer I visit my family’s summer cottage on the southwest coast of Finland. It’s a dreamy place: to get there you ride along a dirt road, passing golden rapseed fields, patches of wild strawberries spurting forth from the roadside, roaming butterflies, and the occasional mammoth-size moose. It’s a peaceful …

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Site to Bookmark: 3Floz

One of my Chicago friends just took off to the south of France for her honeymoon, another is preparing for a three …


Planet Lollapalooza

A satellite receives information, consolidates it and beams it out. It is used for communication,  navigation, weather and research. My hope as …

The proud new owner of a jumpsuit

Stay Calm And Jumpsuit On

A raised eyebrow. A skeptical glance. A snide question: “What is that… that you’re wearing?” The more subtle the more stinging. Haven’t …

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Glow Kit

I’m a NARS beauty devotee. I’ve raved elsewhere on Defining Delphine about my favorite product of theirs but I’ll happily do it …

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Site to Bookmark: Les Nouvelles I recently discovered Les Nouvelles, an online boutique that houses an extraordinarily well-edited selection of women’s accessories and clothing. It’s an …

french braid

Heat Wave? Summer braid.

I recommend a braid. To beat the heat without losing your sanity, I recommend a braid. We have all been there – …

Lulu Post 1-01

Lululiquidate Me No More

Lululemon, the “Lexus” of activewear, has a huge presence in Chicago.  You see people wearing it at the gym AND beyond – …


Mad Withdrawal

Mad Men Season 6 is over. It’s been just over two weeks. We’ve had time to read Alan Sepinwall’s review of the …


Take Me Out To The Ballgame

If you are anything like me, major league baseball will figure into your summer at some point. It might be a last …

Signature Musings

Recently I began thinking about style signatures: the repetition of a single stylistic choice that becomes the consistent, counted-on cornerstone of your …

A rainy prom? An opportunity for chivalry to take the spotlight

All Those Do’s

Home for the weekend, I accompanied my mom to the grocery store yesterday. As we scurried in light rain toward the car …

Skin 1, a jewel of a shop, hides in an old office building on Gold Coast. Worth finding your way to.

Product Playground

  Chicagoans. Rejoice. You have in your city a hidden jewel of a product playground. My good friend Yvonne said to me …

Marcia Marcia Marcia

Upon turning 30 a little over a month ago, I vowed to serve my skin better in this decade than in the …

Welcome. Who is Delphine?

When I was nine our family took in a french foreign exchange student, Jacques, for a month in early summer. He was …

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