3 Quick Do’s

Creating your own updo’s or producing perfect waves on your own at home is achievable. However, it may not be as achievable on Monday thru Friday. Busy weekday mornings spent getting ready for work and simultaneously squeezing in a gym class, getting dogs walked or kids out the door is probably the worst time for creative hair play. Hairstyles with multiple steps, heating tools, and styling products are best left for the weekends – when that personal grooming time can actually be enjoyed (hello, glass of wine). But if you aren’t able to stop off for a daily blow out pre-work like Anna Wintour (it must be nice), you still have to address your hair somehow on those crazed mornings.

Im sure we’ve all done that weird thing where we look in the mirror before leaving the house and feel our hair needs something more to it and we reach for a crazy bag-lady accessory – a feathered headband, for example – and then before actually closing the door behind us, realize it looks ridiculous, toss it off with exasperation and leave the house with no hair solution because otherwise we will miss the bus.

Today I’m offering  a few hair ideas that actually ARE simple to replicate, and may alleviate some of that morning stress while at the same time build your confidence. No sheepish self-doubt with these polished looks as you close the door on your way out.

If you have short hair, you’ve probably mastered how to style it like a daily uniform, so this post speaks more to the medium to long length gals.


1. The French Twist-Ponytail Hybrid

Okay so it has a long name, but that’s deceiving. This is SO SO easy to create, and gives a simple ponytail the touch of refinement that you want to project at the office. This works with curly or straight hair, clean or a few days old clean. You may want to tease the hair a bit first and use a texturizer spray for hold and volume, but otherwise you just pull hair into a ponytail and instead of using an elastic, twist, twist, twist and pin, pin, pin.

work look 1

photo: bumble and bumble

And just a sidenote – if you want to try it as an evening look, bump up the teasing, begin the twist higher on the hear, and wear the ponytail sideswept one side alla J-La:



 2. Wrapped Ponytail

I always complement this hairstyle when I spot it on someone because it just looks so poised. Here’s what you do: pull hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic. Take a piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around to cover the elastic. Use two short bobby pins criss-crossed on the underside base to hold in place. Wear it lower and straighter for a minimalist vibe, or higher and wavier for a more relaxed look.


minimalist pony

wrapped pony2


wrapped pony



high pony low pony

catherine deneuve

olivia p


3.  The Topsy Turvy Knot

I’ve been using this trick for years. If you just need to throw it all back in a quick knot, try this variation which takes a couple seconds more. Make a hole in the center of your elastic-secured ponytail and pull the tail through it, from the top, to create side-twist. Holding onto the ponytail which spouts out of the twist, remove the elastic and then use it again to create a messy knot. No bobby pins required! It should look something like this:



Or you can create a clean rolled bun using the same technique. After the topsy turvy, instead of the quick messy knot, pin up the tail in a clean loop:

chignon topsy turvy





  • Reply November 6, 2014


    Great post, Anne! I threw my hair into the french twist variation for work this morning and I love it. Very easy and works well for short hair. Keep ’em coming!

    • Reply November 6, 2014


      Hi Moriah! So glad to hear positive feedback! Thanks for checking out the post :)

  • Reply November 6, 2014

    Highheels & Tutus

    All great hairstyles. I wish I had a little less hair so I could do these styles.


  • Reply November 5, 2014

    Susie Saltzman

    Obsessed with all these beauties! Yes, yes yes!!!!

    • Reply November 6, 2014


      Susie – Would love to see your beautiful sleek hair styled in a wrapped ponytail!!! Insta please!

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