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My friend Ashley is an influencer. She has more interests than names in the phonebook. I am always learning new things through her, always jumping into the ramshackle sidecar connected to her motorcycle. Those who know her are without a doubt the beneficiaries of her inexhaustible energy for new curiosities. In the end, I’m always glad she pushed me. But believe me, sometimes I’m reluctant.

I still remember the sound of her horn beeping from outside my house senior year of college. I’d fight it–I’d fight it so hard. I’d dig my head under the pillow and wait, wait for it to go away, but it wouldn’t stop. She was waiting outside to pick me up so we could go to the local coffee shop for morning “spoken-Italian” coffee dates before Italian class together. It seemed like a good idea when I agreed to her suggestion. But in practice, well, it was harder in practice than in theory. Begrudgingly, I’d get up we’d go speak Italian. And then the darndest thing. During the final exam, I found myself soaring through it. How did she know morning Italian enthusiasm would pay off like that? I looked for her in the classroom to connect eyes, to give her a sweet  “I’m grateful for you” emotional movie-moment glance, but the girl was already out of there. Probably because she’s always been a natural linguist, but more likely because she has no time to waste! Off to origami, dog-sledding, fundraising, pesto-making, rugby, cartography, memorizing Milton, going to raves, vegetable growing, learning new languages–the variety is staggering. This is what she does. Masters new things and invites you along for the journey. You want to be in her sidecar.

 One of the areas of my life where I accept defeat is music. Will Smith is literally on my iPod. For Ashley, discovering music is a hobby that is woven into her daily life. I think following music and learning about new bands is particularly gratifying for her because it challenges her in perpetuity. It’s a proper match for a curiosity as fierce as hers.

She is my go-to person for new music recommendations, my go-to for playlist construction (I suspect she spends a fair portion of her free time studying the art of the balanced playlist). And she’s gracious; when I tell her how much I love “Luv Me by Shaggy FT. Janet Jackson” she nods kindly.

Today, Ashley is our guest editor. I asked if she would put together a fashion mix for Delphine readers, a playlist full of beats to get the style juices going as you get ready for a night out/tackle a closet re-organization/engage in an Ebay surfing session–whatever your fall fashion-related activities might be. As per usual, she’s really nailed it. It’s been playing on repeat in my house since she sent it to me on Friday.

I’ll let Ashley take it from here:

Ashley The Music Correspondant

Ashley, Guest Editor


Fall fashion and music. Like peas and carrots. Playlists are an essential part of everything from last week’s runway shows to my morning dressing routine. I hope the following songs will inspire you to try a new trend or at least keep you bopping on your morning commute.

(link to playlist is here if the above embedded list doesn’t work)

  1. Kids in America – The MuffsClueless forever and always. A movie that defined my teens. This tune should get you dancing around your room and maybe even the courage to try those knee highs or Contempo Casuals minis you’ve been (weirdly) hanging on to. Are you a Cher, Ty, or Dion?

  2. Cameras – Matt and Kim – This duo is the epitome of hipster BK chic…which I totally dig. Rock ‘n roll in some distressed denim, colorful flannel on the top, and cozy up with some bearded outer borough babe. Swoon.

  3. Heart It Races (as played by Dr. Dog) – Architecture in Helsinki – The band rocks. Plain and simple. Their indiepop melodies are happy and sunny, like their homeland of Australia. Enjoy the dwindling days of summer and the fleeting warm weather trends. Although I’m still banking on neon to spruce up my winter blacks.

  4. The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix) – Astrud Gilberto – The Brazilians have it all. The blow outs, the bundas (Portuguese for booty), and the acai berry. Acai, heralded for its fountain of youth properties, is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids. If incorporated properly in your diet it can boost your immune system and your overall glow. It can also be found in a variety of skin care products. A delicious post-SoulCycle sweat fest snack is an acai bowl from Juice Generation. If you decide to start drinking your acai, just be sure to check sugar content! It’s added to a lot on the shelves.

  5. Despair – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Karen O is the sh*t. Whether she is rocking blond, brunette, or other, she does it so coolly. And can we talk about her signature red lips? I’ve gotten really into the lipstick movement these past few years. Giorgio Armani has a superb formula that is moisturizing as well as long lasting. I’ll be continuing my petal pink pout into fall.

  6. Cups – Anna Kendrick – A sweet a capella song from the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s just a nice little tune. Enjoy!

  7. Burn – Ellie Goulding – Indiepop darling Ellie Goulding has been pumping hits out of the London dance scene for years. We often look to our Anglo brothers-from-another-mother for fashion sensibility and trends. This season is no different. Hello herringbone!

  8. Everybody Knows – Vacationer – Fresh sound. Even though they released their album Gone in 2012, they are my fave new pick for the fall.

  9. Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake – I love Drake and want to have his babies. Nuff said. He belongs on every playlist.

  10. Into The Future – Architecture In Helsinki – Great new single from what is clearly a great band. At least in my opinion.

  11. Jump in the Pool – Friendly Fires – I first heard this tune at my favorite SoulCycle class. Instructor extraordinaire Marvin Foster Jr. is always playing the hottest jams and pushing us to work it right. I love picking up new music from different areas of my life. Keeps the playlists interesting! Marvin contributes his new music picks in a weekly segment called Inside Marvin’s Room. Check for super fresh tracks!

  12. Satellite Skin – Modest Mouse – Don’t laugh, but I happened on this song while actually thinking I was searching for the new Deadmau5. It’s actually a great song and perfect for this place in the playlist.

  13. Israelites – Desmond Dekker and the Aces – A classic reggae jam. Makes me think of the fresh juice bar at Miss Lily’s in NYC. Juice is good for you. Your skin, hair, and overall health will thank you. When in doubt, AAK…always add kale!

  14. Only If You Run – Julian Plenti – Top tip for fall…pay for full access to Spotify. Open your world to new music. I discovered this gem through the streaming music service. It’s $10/month and in my opinion the best deal out there. Get onboard.

  15. Yamaha – Delta Spirit – Gorgeous song off of their new album they released this year. They make me think of cowboy boots. I’m a big advocate of “my cowboy boots go with everything” and am actually looking forward to cooler temps so I can drag my Frye’s out of hiding. My dear friend Anne once told me that fashion was all about how confidently you wear something. Thus, my cowboy boots go with everything!

  16. The Love Club – Lorde – If you aren’t listening to the EP by 16-year-old New Zealand ingenue Lorde yet, you need to be. Her song Royals has gotten some play on the radio but my favorite track has got to be the titular Love Club. You’ll also sound so hip knowing something else on the album.

  17. Doing’ It Right – Daft Punk – I loved the new Daft Punk album this year. Renegade but also completely listenable. First to last track. I love a performer with “schtick.” Like the DP duo and those crazy robot masks, NY fashion week would not be NY fashion week without the crazy schtick.

  18. Don’t Come To Me – Nick Jaina – Another favorite place to discover new tunes is WNYC’s Gig Alert. They feature a cultivated list of up-and-coming artists, usually with a free download or two. This song is very much what I’m looking for in musicians these days, instrument variety and solid vocals.

  19. Why Can’t This Be Love – Van Halen – Every good playlist needs a classic anchor. While many faces this fall are sporting chic cropped cuts, I’m a diehard mermaid locks kind of gal. I have a ton of long hair and love individuals who also rock similar looks. Plus, someone who can headbang like that deserves to played through eternity.

So there you have it! My fall music picks. I hope they inspire your look and hopefully get you discovering new music.


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