A Friday Playlist

I’ve been recovering from having my wisdom teeth out earlier this week so I asked Ashley, our music correspondent, to give me a hand with the blog by creating a music playlist post for today.

Folks, she’s done it again! I’ve had this one on repeat during my many jaw-icing sessions and it’s kept my spirits up. It’s full of good beats, happy tunes, some oldies (the first track is that delicious breathy duet from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack) and some catchy new ones that will find their way into your head very quickly. And no, there’s no Halloween music on it. You’ll hear MJ’s Thriller enough today that we thought we’d spare you.

So while you sew the last few sequins into your child’s Princess Elsa costume, or while you wait for the gold paint to dry on your wonder-woman mask, just hit play. Thanks Ash!

Happy Halloween!!!


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