A Splurge and A Save

Defining Delphine - Save Splurge - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Review and Rimmel ScandalEyes Review

It’s the time of year when we shop for others… and we inevitably toss something in the cart for ourselves too. Here are two beauty recommendations of mine – great for yourself or as a gift for another. One costs less than that Starbucks seasonal drink (anyone try the Spice Flat White yet?) and one costs more than dinner for two. I’ll let you decide whether you gift the splurge or the save, but with either I promise your recipient won’t be disappointed.

Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit (Holiday 2015 Limited Edition)

Defining Delphine - Save Splurge - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Review and Rimmel ScandalEyes Review

price: $80

Why I love it: This small, mighty compact tackles a lot of different complexion problems. In fact, there’s very little it doesn’t do. It’s comprised of two blushes, a bronzer, and three powerful powders. Each shade serves a very different purposes but they all have the signature Hourglass trait: multidimensional glow. No flat powdery skin here.

$80 is a lot, yes. But consider that purchased individually, the value totals $132.

How to use it:

Don’t be conservative – use many at once. I’ve been using one or another of the two blushes, the highlighter and the concealer-setting powder daily. Maximize all the cool things these powders do by applying them in targeted ways. And to take utility a step further – you can even use these as eyeshadows!

Top Row Right: Diffused Light

  • Dust this soft beige on top of your under-eye concealer (and other red-ness prone areas) to help set concealer and bring light to the face.

Top Row Middle: Iridescent Strobe

  • This one’s a soft pink hued highlighter which delivers intense pearly illumination. I powder it on my browbone, cheekbones – anywhere I want a kiss of glow. I use this in the morning and again in the afternoon, often more liberally, to freshen up my complexion.

Top Row Left: Dim Light

  • This is a general-purpose finishing powder with a candle-lit warmth to it. The finish has more of a subdued sheen, intended to blur imperfections. Dust on to take oil down before photos.

Bottom Row Right: Luminous Bronze Light

  • Here’s your bronzer/contour shade. I use this to warm up my whole complexion on those grey days or I apply it in a focused way as a contour shade working in tandem with the Dim Light highlighter.

Bottom Row Middle: Luminous Flush

  • A very pretty pinched-cheek pink shade with refined shimmer. When I wear this color I’m making my cheeks the focal part of my makeup and keeping everything else minimalist and fresh.

Bottom Row Left: Mood Exposure

  • One of my favorite blush colors in my entire blush collection. Its modern, plum-y base will make you feel like a grown-up. In a good way.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Sticks 

Defining Delphine - Save Splurge - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Review and Rimmel ScandalEyes Review

price: $4.49

why I love it: If I stripped the label off of this pencil and applied it on your eyes, you would never guess it was from a drugstore. Everything about this shadow stick exemplifies refinement – the sophisticated range of neutral shades, the texture upon application, the staying power. And then there’s the price of course. I really love that!

How to use it: 

Bluffing, Trespassing Taupe, and Bootleg Brown are the colors you want to put in your cart. Bluffing is a cool, silvery taupe that creates a flirty, undone, melted look. Trespassing Taupe is actually a cool brown which gives the lid depth, but doesn’t register as color. It’s an ideal shade for those looking for 9-5 eye makeup. Bootlet is a dark rich brown that you can layer with either of these (I like to smudge it in at lash line instead of a liner), or wear on its own covering the lid for a dramatic eye.

Shadow sticks intimidated me for a long time because they DO require the extra step of using a brush to even the color out over the lid. And, there are a lot of underwhelming formulas out there that glide all around the lid when you try to buff them with the brush. The result is a patchy look that you have to fix while growing completely exasperated that your makeup routine is making you late for work. Rimmel is gettting our day started on the right foot with Scandaleyes.

Here’s my method:

  • Apply a primer over lid.
  • Without precision, use the chubby pencil tip to lay color down on your lid and into the crease.
  • Using a soft, dense shadow brush, buff out the color across lid and fade it out toward brow bone.

It smudges agreeable without getting patchy, but work efficiently. Once it dries, it’s going to remain smudgeproof (and waterproof). I’ve found it to last all day without creasing if I use my mega-watt Urban Decay primer underneath. Especially considerate of Rimmel – the lovely luminous finish is shimmer and glimmer-free.


Defining Delphine - Save Splurge - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Review and Rimmel ScandalEyes Review


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