Back To School

“Back To School” was a style turn-of-phrase that carried weight. I can fondly remember meticulously planning my fall-transition outfits for the first few days of school, whether it was second grade or senior year of college. This time of year – the beginning of September – always brought with it mixed feelings of excitement and unease. New forecasts lay ahead, literally and figuratively: a new season but also, new friends, new challenges, new learnings. In the face of so much change, planning what I wore was one tool I had to build confidence. Even today, whenever I see those flyers  or commercials on TV from JC Penney or Old Navy talking about  “Back to School Shopping!” I get a little spark of childhood anticipation for the first day of school.

Now, my textbooks are Restoration Hardware Catalogue-like stacks of September fashion magazines. It’s a less demanding fall curriculum than some in my past, but one I attack with discipline and passion. So, for a day of fall fashion reading, I pulled together an outfit that channels a back to school spirit: an academic satchel, a vintage-inspired tee shirt with athletic details, classic, wear-with-anything mid-rise jeans, and a youthful, bouncy pony tail.

Ps. You’re never too old for hopsctoch…

Madewell tee (on sale!), J. Crew Factory mid-rise toothpick jeans (on sale!), Cambridge Satchel Co. bag,





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  • Reply September 2, 2014

    Snap 'n Zip

    Beautiful red messenger bag! Red is my favorite, just like black, a red purse goes with many things, especially the darker, neutral color outfits.

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