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Dennis Gross: My Favorite Eye Serum - Defining Delphine

Above all, the best age concealer is a pair of sunglasses.

The eye area gives us away. It speaks of sun damage, lack of sleep, dehydrated skin and so on.  The eyes are a window into the soul, and a window into both our genetic disposition to aging and our lifestyle.

To the extent that you can’t wear sunglasses indoors, the next best thing is to nourish that delicate skin with a super-charged eye serum that brightens, fights lines and locks in moisture.  Oh, and try to get a little more shut eye.

My Favorite Eye Serum - Defining Delphine

I’ve been looking for an eye cream or serum for years. Yes, years. I just tend to feel that everything I try over-promises and under-performs. And then there’s the issue of price tag. The more expensive I go, the more certain I am that I was just preyed upon. So for the past year or so I settled for a perfectly acceptable (and acceptably priced) Nuxe eye serum that hydrates the skin. For that sole purpose it’s great, and I still keep it in my makeup bag to use through out the day as a refresher.

Still, I wanted something more active. Something that would fight the fine lines that began developing in my 30’s and brighten the dark under-eye skintones.

Enter Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum. If I may make a generalization, the whole Dr. Dennis Gross line is awesome. The formulations are created with high-powered, intentional ingredients that really boss your skin around in a loving way. And compared to other clinical skincare lines, the prices are reasonable. I’ve been slowly discovering more and more wins that I can’t live without; this eye serum is at the top of the list.

Dennis Gross: My Favorite Eye Serum - Defining Delphine

This serum is a clear, fragrance-free gel that you pat into skin all the way around the eye, including lids. It absorbs right away. I use it every night and sometimes in the morning. Since starting it, my eye-area skin looks smoother, lifted, and brighter (yup – there’s been actual marked improvement in the dark circles).  Retinol is the best weapon against wrinkles, and the ferulic acid in this formula helps that retinol penetrate deeper. Plus, ferulic is an antioxidant which helps prevent skin from free radical activity. (Here’s a refresher on antioxidants). My lines look softer in the present and I love that the serum is working to slow their development for the future.

The formula also contains caffeine for firming and licorice root extract for de-puffing, as well as salicylic and glycolic acid which help with cell turnover.

Dennis Gross: My Favorite Eye Serum - Defining Delphine

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If you’ve been looking for an effective anti-aging eye product, try this serum. You’ll be liberated from your sunglasses.



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