Best In Class: Raincoats

Rain coats/jackets, like allergies, tend to be associated with the spring. April showers, May flowers, and so forth. This is certainly how the fashion and retail world views it. Raincoats are much scarcer in fall assortments than in spring. When you think about it, that custom doesn’t make much sense. Here in Chicago, we’ve had lots of wet, wet fall days recently. The Pacific Northwest gets two thirds of its rainfall for the year from October – March. The hurricane season, which brings precipitation to the Southeast, revs up in August and September. So, if you find yourself in need of a sturdy raincoat this fall, you’re probably not alone.

I decided for my next Best In Class series to take on the challenge of tracking down great rainwear choices, on the market now. I found plenty of chic waterproof options from ultra light to heavy winter down, but not without hours upon hours of browsing. You should see the number of kleenex boxes I’ve gone through during this project: let me tell you, allergies, like rain, strike just as hard in fall.

Below, a Best In Class: Raincoat Edition. And one last thought. I firmly believe everyone should have a sturdy raincoat that he/she loves to wear. More than any other item in your closet, it has the power to transform your outlook; a day that might otherwise feel like a defeat, will feel like a triumph. Now, remembering to wear it on the day you’ll actually need it is a whole other challenge and one for you and your weatherman to work through.

The Fisherman Yellow

petit bateau raincoat

Petit Bateau, The Iconic Raincoat, $204

yellow raincoat

Warehouse, Fisherman Parka, $116

The Waterproof Parka

barbour raincoat

Barbour, Outwood Parka Jacket, $469

eddie bauer coat

Eddie Bauer, Waterproof Down Stadium Coat, $269.99

coated parka

Mango, Faux Fur Quilted Parka, $249.00

The Bonded-Seam Trench

topshop bonded trench

Topshop, Soft Bonded Trench Coat, $170

gap bonded trench

Gap, Bonded Trench, $148

The Classic Rainslicker

rainslicker steven alan

Steven Alan, The New Classic Rainslicker, $445

zara rain coat

Zara, Raincoat, $129

The Waterproofed Anorak

asos raincoat

 Asos, Lightweight Rain Jacket with Patch Pockets, $95.22

coated anorak

Ann Taylor Loft, Coated Long Anorak, $178

Cole Haan, $395

The Classic Trench

Mackintosh, Muirkirk Trench, £780

burberry trench

Burberry, The Sandringham Long Heritage Trench Coat, $1,795

Cole haan rain trench

Cole Haan, City Rainwear Single Breasted Trench, $395

The Drapey Wrap Trench

hm raincoat

H&M, Trenchcoat, $25

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.01.10 PM

Club Monaco, Lindy Wrap Trench, $289

The Statement Raincoat

pink rain coat

RED Valentino, Clear Pentunia Raincoat, $553

asos blue dot raincoat

Asos, Long Line Rain Trench, $66.65


  • Reply October 4, 2014

    Sophia Skaar

    This is fabulous & just in time for Pacific Northwest rainy season! Now to narrow down the options…

    • Reply October 8, 2014


      I caved and bought the Zara green one. It’s SO cute in person. Great little swing shape. Definitely more of a top layer, not insulated. Highly recommend!! xo

      • Reply October 13, 2014

        Sophia Skaar

        I bought the Steven Alan one yesterday. It’s slightly insulated which I greatly appreciate and has a nice, feminine cut (which you can’t see in the photo)– sturdy enough to wear on a walk through the woods and cute enough to wear over skinny jeans & heels. Thanks for the rec!

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