Big Hair Days

Defining Delphine - Big Hair Days

Looking to create a little volume? It couldn’t be easier.

Defining Delphine - Big Hair Days


Here’s what you need.

  1. A cheap drugstore comb with a tail like this one for $2.99
  2. A product that gives hair texture and grit. (More on that after step 3)
  3. A quick and easy method: watch this guy’s instructions. This is exactly how I do it. Layer after layer of hair at the crown. 3 deliberate strokes per layer. I like to spray each layer with product BEFORE I backcomb (instead of after as in the video).

Eufora’s Dry Texturizing Spray was designed to give life to flat, slippery hair. It has many applications; I’m using it regularly on air-dry days to enhance the messy wavy look. But back to the point – I find it’s really effective as a tool for backcombing. It gives hair grip so that the comb can really build volume at the roots. It also delivers hold without creating that hairspray hard helmet feel.  A little of this product goes a long way so start conservatively and build up to the amount you need.

Why not use a cheap drugstore hairspray? For the wellness of your hair and for your overall safety. Eufora’s products are distinctive because they all have a base of organic aloe vera which actually nourishes hair so you’re not drying out and weakening hair every time you use it. They use no synthetic fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate, or carcinogenic ingredients like formaldehyde or propylene glycol.

And a note about the scent – wow. To me, it’s got a sexy, masculine, musky profile. Now if only they bottled it as a cologne for my man. Yup, it’s that good.

Happy Big Hair Days!

Defining Delphine - Brigitte Bardot






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