Bohemian Updo Tutorial

Good Morning! Today’s post is a video tutorial I created to show how to self-style a bohemian-inspired updo. No fake hair necessary, no expensive or lengthy salon trip; just a few simple tools, and a little courage. The outcome is meant to be slightly imperfect (you live in the real world) but thoroughly romantic (you are a dreamer).

Bohemian Updo from Anne Langbein on Vimeo.

Here’s a recap of the products I used:

I applied Shu Uemera Oil-In-Cream, followed by a few spritzes of Joico Thermal Protectant, and then blow dried my hair. Next, I created piecey waves with my GHD Classic Styler, and added volume and texture by following with Oribe’s Texturizing Spray. This is the type of hair I want to create before I start crafting the updo:

Elizabeth Olsen from Marie Claire, May 2014

Elizabeth Olsen from Marie Claire, May 2014

And here’s a still of our final product:


Obviously, this hairstyle works well on medium length hair (like mine), but it should work just as well if you have long hair; you may just have to loop the braids around the bun more, or twist the side twists around the bun as well.

Hope you enjoyed the video! Leave me comments so I know if this was helpful, whether I should attempt another in the future :)




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