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Defining Delphine - Holiday gingerbread body scrub

With all of these spendy gift guides flying around the blogosphere (mine included!), I wanted to propose a low cost gift idea that came to me by way of Whole Foods. I recently stopped by a holiday event that Whole Foods hosted to show us media folk the myriad ways that Whole Foods can be a creative resource for your holiday season needs. This was my kind of party: when we entered the cheese room, I turned to my boyfriend who accompanied me to the event and asked if we had died and gone to heaven.

The food bloggers had plenty to swoon over: a hot cocoa bar with gluten and vegan free options, jenga-like stacks of macaroons and rows of buche noel cakes, the afore-mentioned cheese room that I hope awaits me in the afterlife, raw bar ideas for holiday parties  (crab claws are red after all) and plenty of tablescapes to please glitterbugs and home decor enthusiasts alike. We ate (gorged, really) our way through the themed rooms until we arrived at my calling, the Whole Body room.

There, we were invited to craft our own bath salts and body scrubs using all-natural, affordable ingredients which can all be found in the store – some, like coconut oil and honey, in the food shelves. The Whole Body experts who guided us through the DIY fun all had glowing skin, big smiles, and life-coach-like zen energy. I wondered if there was something to these recipes after all.

Defining Delphine - Holiday gingerbread body scrub

The one I’ve made batches of at home is the gingerbread sugar scrub (featured in the photo), which smells warm and cozy and leaves your skin buttery smooth. Packaged sweetly with a mini mason jar and holiday ribbon, I feel ready to set up a stall at the local farmer’s market! Try these sweet little elixirs as stocking stuffers, table settings, party favors or simply your own home spa-ing.



Defining Delphine - DIY Beauty holiday

Defining Delphine - DIY Beauty holiday  Defining Delphine - Holiday DIY beauty balm Defining Delphine - DIY Beauty holiday


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