Defining Delphine 2.0


Today marks an exciting occasion in the life of Defining Delphine. As you can tell, things look a little different here. I’m so excited to debut the beautiful, sparkling redesign of the website today, a collaboration between the marvelously talented design firm Cooper House and myself, which has been in the works for several months. You wouldn’t have been able to tell something was cooking from visiting the original site during that time (luckily, when you renovate in the digital realm, you don’t need any construction scaffolding while the work is being done). However, I’ve been so exuberant about the project that I’ve been talking anyone’s ear off who would listen – thank you for indulging me, friends! To finally share the end result with you is such a thrill.  I hope you’ll love the new look and enhanced visitor experience as much as we do.

The update includes new navigation features, as well as a new logo and set of graphics that beautifully capture the essence and goals of Defining Delphine.

The magazine layout was an intentional design choice. You will find that content has multiple access points and it’s easy to surface older posts you may want to revisit or missed the first time around. Photo’s have a more significant display within posts to make visual topics really shine.

The team behind Defining Delphine 2.0 is Cooper House: Tim Cooper is the developer, and Erin Cooper is the designer (yup they’re married!). They cover a wide scope of needs ranging from purely creative to purely technical. It was a fun, inspiring process to work with them and I would recommend them with the highest praise to anyone looking for a designer and/or developer. They are patient communicators but more importantly perhaps, attentive listeners. They keep up with the very latest in their fields but are excited to discover something novel that you might show them. They have great taste and creativity.  When making recommendations on strategy and design they draw on a wealth of broad-ranging experience. They’re passionate about what they do, and get genuinely invested in your potential alongside you. Plus, they’re super nice people.

Coincidentally, Defining Delphine celebrates its 1 year anniversary on July 5th.  And what an adventure it’s been.  We’ve talked to experts, and brand creators, learned from guest editors, overcome fashion fears, tried new beauty ideas, and discovered hot products and clever tips from fellow Delphine friends and readers. I can’t wait to see what year 2 brings, and couldn’t imagine a better way to kick it off than with a newly designed home.

To every Delphine fan – you continue to shape this blog with your wonderful feedback, wisdom and energy. Thank you so much for all your support over this past year.




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