DIY (fri) DAY - Defining Delphine

DIY (fri) DAY - Defining Delphine

1. How-To: Shoe Care


You spent all that time browsing magazines and malls to find the perfect pair of boots. When you spotted them across the crowded shoe department, the seas part and you were awash in that retail victory glow. To keep your spoils of war in that mint condition, it takes just a small amount of work. It’s worth it. The last thing you want is to scuff them up with winter snow, slush and salt. This easy guide (from J.Crew’s blog) shows you the simple steps to weatherproofing your suede and leather shoes.

2. Finish With A Bow

Defining Delphine - DIY Bow hairstyle

I tried out this hair tutorial that I spotted on Camille Styles, and couldn’t have been more delighted with the outcome. I choose it for today’s DIY round-up because I think it’s romantic and playful and festive: everything you want in a holiday party hairdo. Also, this one is great for self-styling beginners – very few steps and simple ones at that. Most of the work is in the pre-styling (curling and teasing). I recommend opting for a black, simple bow (no color or pattern) to keep it age-appropriate. I would recommend a grosgrain fabric ribbon no thicker than 1/2 inch, which is easy to find at craft or fabric stores.

3. 5 DIY Holiday Garlands

Defining Delphine - DIY garland

I tend to avoid craft projects that are tedious, time-consuming and lacking a sure outcome. But this one from the site A Beautiful Mess spoke to me. Get a few girls together, some bottles of wine, a good holiday playlist, and enjoy some old-fashioned craft fun. The range of garland styles is nice for a group activity: the ambitious types can manage embroidery and hand-stitching while the laissez faire can easily wind up yarn into pom-poms.

4. The Art of the Cheese Board


Leave it to the folks at Terrain, a new home and garden retail concept from Anthropologie, to coach you through your cheese-plate strategy for holiday entertaining. Things you will learn from this brief, enlightening read? Cubing cheese is a no-no because you desecrate the rind-to-paste ratio that is integral to flavor. Who knew!


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