Early Summer Beauty Diary

{ early summer beauty diary }

Here’s what I’m using right now…

1. Bumble and Bumble Cityswept ($29)

• my hair stylist showed me this product and I’m hooked. It’s great for giving hair a slept-in, day-old, surfery look BUT it’s matte, so it doesn’t look greasy. Provides excellent hold – supple, no crunch. Works great with humidity. I love the piecey finish it gives my new short haircut when I work it into the ends of curls. A little goes a long way, and avoid roots.

2. M.D. Solar Science Mineral Tinted Creme SPF 30 ($32)

• Look no further for a face sunscreen that is completely inconspicuous. No smell, no grease, no whitish cast. This is a 100% physical sunscreen meaning its made of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – mineral ingredients that sit on the skin instead of penetrating skin (as chemical sunscreens do). I prefer physical sunscreens because they don’t cause breakouts or clog pores, and there’s no questionable toxins entering your body. The subtle tint in this adjusts to most skin types. The finish is powdery, no grease at all. For me the tint is enough makeup coverage for daytime. Just a little under eye concealer and I’m good to go! Was so glad the team at downtown spa Mario Tricoci turned me onto this.

3. M-61 Hydraboost Serum ($78)

• I discovered M-61, Blue Mercury’s private label skincare brand, when I popped into the store one day to examine SkinCeuticals serums. I was in the market for a reliable morning and night hydrating serum – something to penetrate beyond a top-layer moisturizer. The sales team encouraged me to try M-61, vouching that the line is virtually identical to SkinCeuticals only it’s 30% less expensive, since it’s manufactured and sold vertically (no advertising or distribution costs). Normally I get irritated when sales associates aggressively peck at me while I browse, but this turned out to be good customer service. I never would have found this product on my own and I love the way it hydrates leaving a silky finish. The face washes from M-61 are terrific too, particularly the Power Cleanse, $35, with pore-purifying glycolic. Boy, does it dig out the dirt!

4. Anastasia Brow Duality in Shell/Lace ($23)

• For summer I’ve swapped out RMS luminizer for Anastasia’s Shell/Lace pencil for eye-area brightening. It just sticks in place a whole lot better in the heat. I love the subtle, summery, brightening effect this has when dabbed on the inner eye corner and venturing just a bit along the lower lash waterline. Nice on the brow bone under browline as well.

5. Hourglass Ambient Lightning Blush in Mood Exposure ($35)

•  I personally prefer powder blushes to cream blushes in the summer. They stay in place better (and even can lift some oils off the skin). If you’re baking in the sun, strange things can happen to creams. Hourglass recently introduced this line of blushes. These are some interesting – even courageous – shades. Mood Exposure, which works best on me, has a plum base and some brown-bronze hints. Somehow it works. Another plus is that the sheen is just enough – I’m cautious not to reincarnate anything close to my high school beauty routine: the glittery, sparkly, Bobbi Brown “shimmer brick” day in, day out!

6. Tom Ford Santal Blush (I got hooked up with a sample and a little goes a long way so I’m making it last! At retail, it ain’t cheap: $170 for 1.7 oz)

•  Earthy, woody, with enough soapy florals to keep it light and clean for summer.

7. Lancome Hypnose ($27.50)

•  I’m in an open relationship with my mascaras. I rotate and change favorites and date multiples at once. But right now I’m back to the good old stalwart, Hypnose by Lancome. Lancome makes great mascaras. This one has a nice balance between definition and volume so it’s great for those lazy summer days that stretch into late summer nights without time for a makeup and costume change.

8. Rosebud Salve ($6)

•  Speaking of high school… yes, I do still love this product (but I don’t share it with classmates on the schoolbus anymore). The rose scent of the petroleum-based lip salve is a calming aromatherapy session each time you pat it on dry lips.

9. RMS “un”powder ($34)

I make sure my unpowder is never too far out of reach. This light, mattifying powder keeps excessive glistening from occuring. Bonus: it’s talc free, silicone free, perfume free and paraben free.

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