From the Gym to the Street

Increasingly, workout wear is doubling as streetwear. This athleisure movement is putting function back into our clothing. It’s a new norm that reflects the active, multi-dimensional lives we inhabit: we’re sweating more.

Because we’re wearing this stuff more of the time, it would make sense that the pieces we each own should be perfectly tailored to our individual needs: our lifestyle, body, workouts and fashion sense.

Do you run in a warm weather climate? Do you take early morning barre class followed directly by the school drop-off run? After your surfing lesson do you need layers to put on for your cool down stretch? Do you travel a lot for work and want comfortable on-the-road clothes? Are you taking long winter walks with that new puppy? Hoping to get some attention at the gym you just joined in your new city? Taking interval training classes and need some seriously wicking clothing?

You see, our needs are wide-ranging and specific to each of us. But shopping for the ensembles that best meets the demands of your lifestyle takes time. And the whole athleisure thing caught on in the first place because we have less time! This is why I love the exciting new company SweatStyle. They do the work for you, so you can do the working out.

SweatStyle connects you to a world of cool, niche, luxury, emerging, performance-wear brands that you’ll want to discover. It’s like a matchmaker setting you up on a first date with pieces curated just for you and your needs. Customers simply fill out a profile about their personal style and the workouts they love, and SweatStyle’s team of stylists handpicks the perfect set of workout clothing for each customer.

pieces from my SweatStyle boxpieces from my SweatStyle box ideal for my sunnyday, lake-front runs

The subscription model makes shopping effortless. You receive a quarterly delivery of 5 items including a mix of tops, bottoms, bras and outerwear, and only pay for what you keep. Try it on at home and see if you love it. There’s no subscription fee and returns are made easy through a prepaid shipper that the company provides.

I wanted to feature SweatStyle on Defining Delphine because I think they are an awesome company doing something original and useful. I am always looking to share tips on the blog about how to simplify the effort you put into personal style and how to get the most out of that effort.  This company seems to be on a parallel mission.  I also get giddy about discovering new brands and that is one of the most fun parts of each box. You’ll love the sleek, modern, technical pieces from the luxury brands SweatStyle is working with.

SweatStyle was thrilled to hear I wanted to introduce them to my Defining Delphine readers; they offered a special 20% discount code on your first shipment to mark the occasion. When you sign up, simply enter the promo code Delphine20 at checkout.


Would love to hear your thoughts if you try it!

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