Humbled by Croissants


This weekend I took a croissant making class with some friends. I like to bake. I make cupcakes and cookies and the odd banana bread. They go over well enough at parties. I thought, how hard can croissants be?

Croissant making requires the mental baking endurance of a champion. First there’s the sensitivity of kneading the dough – not too much flour! But not too little! Then, the gentle folding of the butter and rolling out the dough. Folding and rolling. A lot of waiting time in between stages. While they turned out delicious, I can’t say I’m yearning to try making them from scratch again anytime soon. Rather, the class gave me a newfound respect for those talented bakeries that have mastered that buttery, flaky, French classic – and other sweet treats. In tribute to the pro’s out there taking care of our sweet needs, today I’m sharing my go-to list for favorite indulgences in the Chicago area.

Locals, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your favortes in the comments field. Non-locals, bookmark this post for your next Chicago trip!


1. the croissant masters…


Floriole Cafe and Bakery


2. donuts in flavors like bourbon vanilla, salted caramel, nutella milkstout…

endgrain donut



 3. refreshing, gourmet, flavor-bursting gelato and sorbet…

black dog

Black Dog Gelato


4. a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away (right?)…



tie between Sweet Mandy B’s and More


5. the crunchy, salty-sweet block that takes you back to grade school…

summer house

Summer House Santa Monica 




Happy Monday! Make it sweet.







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