Introducing Lily

Introducing Lily - Defining Delphine

This week is about giving thanks, and this year I have an extra special thing to be thankful for: Lily the dog. Our favorite friend came into our lives in mid-October at 3 months old and has kept us laughing since.

Lily is a one of a kind – a complete mix of breeds. Part unicorn, my sister thinks. She IS magical. Her black and white markings over her eyes look like a superhero or Zorro mask. From the side, those large scale spots look cow-like (I once heard a little boy say to his mom at the playground “Mama, look at the cow!”)  I marvel that nature could create such an unbelievable looking creature. She has long lashes and deeply expressive eyes and little faded spots on her ears.  She’s sweet more than sassy, but she’s had her fair share of brazen, shoe-stealing moments. She’s smart, silly, and a social butterfly who uses “walks” as an occasion to park herself on the corner and meet as many people and other doggies as possible.

In the next few months I’m going to add some short beauty tutorial videos to the blog and you might see this little cow jangling around in the background, so I thought I’d give her a proper introduction.

And while I normally try to stick to business here on the blog, she’s already made her debut on my Instagram and after all – she IS a master of the smoky eye and the dark lip.

Introducing Lily - Defining Delphine


Happy Thanksgiving!

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