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Skincare New Additions - Defining Delphine

I’ve added a bunch of new things to the skincare mix that I’m excited about so I thought I’d dedicate a post to sharing them with you all…

Skincare New Additions - Defining  Delphine

I’m all about lugging back European beauty products that I can’t buy here. Partly it’s the competitive consumer drive of tracking something down thats scarce, but my passion for importing is also due to the possibility that this face wash or that eye cream features new innovations or reflects beauty trends that are different from what’s happening in the US market. That’s interesting to me. During the year I keep a list of the things that my favorite foreign editors and bloggers are talking about on blogs, instagram and in magazines. Then, when I head over to Europe on my annual trip to see relatives, I make it a point to nab a few of those items that piqued my curiosity.

Right now, I can’t get enough of face sprays. Toner sprays, hydration mists, a floral water spritz – you name it, I’m using it. They’re great in summer to soothe sun-damaged skin or plump up dehydrated skin, and they feel so darn refreshing to apply (I like to generously mist my face after I cleanse and before I apply serums/moisturizers). So, during our trip to Europe in early August I clinched two face sprays at the top of that foreign product lust list: Rose Bio Beauty Mist by Melvita, a british company, and Serozinc by French company La Roche Posay (despite La Roche’s broad distribution here in the US, this product isn’t available). Rose Bio is an all organic formula of rosewater with added glycerin (a humectant) to give skin a jolt of soothing and aromatic hydration. Serozinc is an interesting one. It has three ingredients: water, sodium chloride (table salt) and zinc sulfate (zinc and sulfuric acid). Salt and zinc both have anti-inflammatory properties so it’s especially good for acne prone days, oily days, sensitive skin days and ideal for irritated skin anywhere on body (its really handy for razor burn or post-wax). I’ve been enjoying both thoroughly. Look for them if you head abroad.

Some new products from this side of the ocean have also been invigorating my skincare routine.

End of day face-washing has become an involved two-step process for me. But my skin looks cleaner and clearer with this approach so I’m sticking with it. Here’s how it works: I double-cleanse every night. Two separate face products. Round one is an oil cleanser or balm cleanser that is really employed to break down SPF and makeup and loosen up the general grit. I rinse with a washcloth then I second cleanse with something gentle that adds moisture and softness back into skin and takes away any residue from the first cleanse. For this step I’m using Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly, a gel that develops into a lovely cleansing milk when it interacts with water. This brand has had two back to back wins for me: I first fell for their Pro Genius Omega Treatment Milk  (translation: a moisturizing serum and an excellent one at that) and now I’m really happy with this cleanser. Hats off to Nude – I will surely be going back to try more.

As you know, I love my antioxidant serums and I have a new one I’m hooked on. Phace Bioactive Illuminating Serum is designed to optimize the skin-benefiting effects of vitamin C by delivering it in a 2.8 PH formula. PH matters. People don’t love hearing that but its true. With the right acid balance, a product will penetrate deeper and skin will absorb its ingredients more effectively. PHACE’s central philosophy behind their products is to repair the skin’s acid mantle (the acid mantle is the slightly acidic film on our top layer of skin that helps fight bacteria and keep moisture in) by using targeted PH levels in their products. This serum isn’t glamorous. It’s odorless and has a tawny hue to it (which goes on clear). But I like that. It doesn’t want attention, it just wants to go to work on giving you glowing, healthy skin.

Lastly, a new mask. After I got back from Europe, there was a haggard cast to my complexion that wasn’t so pretty. Airplanes suck all the vacation luster out of you! Strivectin’s Instant Revitalizing Mask four mornings in a row whipped me back into shape.

Skincare New Additions - Defining  Delphine

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