Once Upon A Summer

Once A Upon A Summer - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - Defining Delphine

I’ve been writing a lot about “summer beauty” products recently and that’s because there’s a lot to consider when you’re packing for a summer weekend away. Your products need to accommodate the changes in your environment, wardrobe and mood. Some of these are practical additions/substitutions like sunscreens and after-suns. But some of these tweaks to the makeup bag packing list are about you setting the tone for the trip. Maybe you want to try a vibrant neon lipstick for your Miami Beach night out. Or maybe you want to take a break from the face-painting and leave all your cosmetics at home as you head off to Peaks Island, Maine for days of beaches and biking. Or maybe you want to wear a summery new scent that takes you away from the everyday and helps transform a weekend at home into a staycation.


Once A Upon A Summer - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - Defining Delphine

For me, one of the best ways to set the tone for a trip is through fragrance. I mentioned last week that I love Prada Candy‘s vanilla-caramel for lazy summer days and nights. The other fragrance equivalent of “resortwear” that I’m hooked on right now is Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray. It’s designed for vacation on two accounts:

1. What it does to your skin. It’s an oil. Bronze Goddess contains finely milled shimmer particles and when the oil is spritzed onto your recently sun-kissed body, it creates a glowy, fairydust affect (note of caution: this is not for the sparkle-fearing. For those, try the Bronze Eau Fraîche’ SkinScent.)

2. How it seduces your nose. It’s not so dissimilar to the very popular Bobbi Brown Beach or the more indie Bond No 9’s Fire Island; all use the traditional “coconut amber” suntan oil scent that harkens back to the 50’s. Bronze Goddess, however, layers beautiful jasmine and orange flower scents into the tanning oil base so it’s not so literal. It’s feminine and clean and beachy all at once.

You’re ready to star in your own summer fairytale with Bronze Goddess on hand.

Once A Upon A Summer - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - Defining Delphine

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