Snowed In?

Snowed in? If your office is closed, school is cancelled, or you’re working from home instead of commuting… here’s the Defining Delphine guide to a day-off.

First a touch of housekeeping. No excuses: now’s a great time to deep clean your makeup brushes. Before you do that though, slather your hair with a coconut oil mask. Hungry? Why wait for postmates? If regular pancakes are your snow-day treat tradition, take it up a notch with these potato pancakes instead.  After breakfast, you can wash the coconut out of your hair. Your co-workers will notice your radiant supermodel hair the next time you make it into work (you’re welcome). Next: what to wear. Throw on a gray sweatshirt and feel oh so high fashion for doing so! If you live near a Walgreens you hit the jackpot. It just so happens they sell the world’s most comfortable and affordable fleece leggings: DNLA Seamless Fleece Leggings, a one-size fits all wonder, at 2 for $14.99, exclusively at Walgreens. They’re beyond cozy for winter lounging. Buy a pair, slip those on. Now, you’re due for some self-indulgence in the form of online shopping. Browse lux basics at Kit & Ace, the new concept from Lululemon-founder Chip Wilson. All that shopping probably made you hungry again… time for a snack! How about hot chocolate (made from real chocolate!) with fresh frothy whipped cream? It will be back to the couch soon, but first, stop off in the bathroom to apply a face mask. If it’s exfoliation you seek, get glowing skin with Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. If it’s moisture, try Derma E’s Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid or GlyMed Plus Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask. And, if you don’t have any of these sitting in your cabinet, guess what? That good old jar of coconut oil multitasks as a wonderfully rejuvenating face mask. Smear it on. You’ll glisten a little (a lot), but wait a bit and you’ll see it start to completely absorb. Now back to the couch. High culture is waiting for you! Hit play on VH1’s new show Hindsight. It’s everything you want in snow day entertainment: love triangles, 90’s references, time travel. If you really want to max out on DIY beauty, while you watch the show, give yourself a mani-pedi using the 4-bottle custom kit from Caption Polish. It comes with a bottom coat, top coat and your choice of two colors. This stuff doesn’t chip and it’s “3 free” – meaning no formaldehyde, DBP and Tuolene.

After such a long, strenuous day, you’ve earned a soak in the tub!

Happy snow-daying, Delphine style.


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  • Reply February 3, 2015

    Sed Bona

    OMG I am honored you put my Mom’s recipe in your round-up! They really are life-changing potato pancakes!!

    Gorgeous blog – what a pleasure to find such a sophisticated Chicago blog!!

    Sed Bona

    • Reply February 5, 2015


      Love your blog – so glad I discovered it. Thank you for sharing your moms DIVINE potato pancakes recipe!!! Look forward to more from you (and her!)


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