The Browse: Kjaer Weis


You probably haven’t heard of Kjaer Weis, a relatively new-on-the-scene, all-natural, organic beauty line from Danish-born, New York-based makeup artists Kirsten Kjær Weis. Before long, you’ll start hearing mention of it more and more.

As a blogger, I love this kind of discovery – up and coming brands that are bursting with talent and totally deserving of free blogger publicity. Kjaer Weis has certainly established a cult following already. This you can tell from the roster of discerning high-end boutiques that carry it: In New York for example, the line is sold at skincare guru to the stars Joanna Vargas’s spa and at the luxurious downtown perfumerie Osswald, a personal favorite shop of mine. But I’m betting on it becoming a big hit with more than magazine editors, runways and celebrities; everyday consumers are becoming increasingly educated about the hazards of chemicals in beauty products and are seeking out high-performing alternatives such as Kjaer Weis.

Why do I like it and why do I think you should try it?

1. The makeup line is succint and well-edited. The website says of the products and hues, “It was a sort of a “greatest hits” of what looked good on women, and what they used the most.” This tells me I’m in good hands. A true professional knows that most women’s everyday needs don’t require much beyond the core. Browsing these products is a rare delight amidst the noise of cosmetic companies blaring at you to buy seasonal palettes and exclusive this and partnership that. Too much product is not necessarily a good thing.

2. Efficacy AND safety. The products are made from natural-origin raw materials. It’s organic and healthy; an especially wonderful anxiety-reliever for moms who want to cuddle with their tots without worrying about chemical contact. On the Kjaer website they tell you exactly what is in each product. And, unlike some of the rather underwhelming natural brands that have contributed to a negative perception of natural makeup, the quality is superb. The cream blush I’ve been using, in color “blossoming”, has remarkable staying power. In a blind test, I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Kjaer Weis and Laura Mercier products based on performance (or price – which is worth mentioning because the manufacturing process for all-natural makeup is more hands-on and the raw materials more costly).

3. The packaging is the definition of luxury (and eco friendly!). The company website says “Red lacquer, grain-textured boxes, like little jewelry cases, were created to house bold metal compacts with white enamel “KW” logos. To reduce waste, all of the compacts were designed to be refillable.” The makeup compacts are heavy in your hand – like a vintage zippo lighter. There’s something old-world about them, and yet the design is sleek and contemporary. The entry price point is high because you are paying for the reusable case, but thereafter, your cost drops significantly for a refill. To give you an idea, my blush was $54 but a refill is $30.

4. Lastly, the company philosophy. Kirsten says “You want people to notice how great you look, not how great your makeup looks.” The less-is-more makeup approach of this line emphasizes your natural beauty. That’s not to say they don’t offer rich pink lip pigments and smoky eye shadows, but somehow the textures and hues are designed to complement, not overwhelm, your face. It’s an approach to beauty that’s a winning one.

Kjaer Weis is available online at the brand’s site, and at and For a full list of the brick and mortar distribution, click here. For Chicagoans, you can go play with the product at Space 519, a fabulous boutique on the 5th floor of the 900 Michigan mall. Space 519 carries an impeccably curated assortment of luxurious, all-natural cosmetics, skincare, and haircare brands. The staff there are lovely and beyond enthusiastic to talk with interested shoppers about the Kjaer Weis line.


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