The Overnight Rehydrate

When the young woman who was seated next to me at a recent wedding found out I was a beauty blogger, she wanted to know one thing. “What is the one product you love that I probably don’t know about?”

What a great question.

I didn’t even have to pause.  “A face mask by Aromatherapy Associates. I’ve been using it this summer and it’s giving me younger skin than I ought to have.”

That second sentence really got her attention. And it wasn’t hyperbole. Too bad I don’t know her name or info – I’d like to ask her if she tried it and what she thought. Well, wherever you are, thank you, mystery wedding guest, for the idea for this post and for bringing my favorite under-the-radar product to my readers’ attention.

The Overnight Repair Mask from London-based Aromatherapy Associates (from their “anti-ageing” line) is one of those leave-on through the night products. I tend to avoid those masks because the texture is often goopy, the product can come off on your pillow, and the look can be rather off-putting should you be sharing a bed with someone. (Although if you wear a night retainer maybe you’re past the latter concern).

Even though this product calls itself a mask, it behaves more like a night moisturizer. It glides on and starts seeping in right away. A little goes a looooong way. If it’s not totally sheer, it’s nearly. The rose, sandalwood and frankincense aroma is a lullaby to your nose. Aromatherapy Associates is best known for their aromatherapeutic bath and massage oils (sold in fancy department stores and used in top spas). What I think is a distinct feature of the lesser known skincare products is that they too emanate those soothing, expertly-crafted herbal scents. It’s kind of a great two-for-one.

This mask is about much more than your happy nose. It’s packed with botanicals such as strawberry seed, rosewater, shea butter, rice germ and millet seed, aloe, cranberry extract, apricot oil, and honey, and it’s free of harsh chemicals or unnecessary synthetics. When it comes to anti-aging, my dermatologist at Northwestern recently told me that the only topical ingredient that can reverse lines is retinol, and beyond that, your best option is Botox. And I can accept that. But we’re not entirely powerless: hydrated skin makes whatever lines you have look far less predominant. Moisture plumps and brightens the skin, giving it a youthful appearance. That’s why I love to discover products like this one that are full of botanicals known for their rejuvenating and replenishing qualities. (This is also why I like products with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that grabs moisture out of the air and brings it to the skin. But I digress).

I’ve been using the mask 3 times a week. I wake up, wash my face and when I look in the mirror, my skin looks restored and supple, like it’s been drinking Smart Water all night long. If you give it a try let me know what you think!


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  • Reply September 7, 2014


    This product sounds lovely. I have dry but extremely acne-prone skin. What’s your guess as to how this product would fare for acne-prone skin?

    • Reply September 7, 2014


      Hi Sarah – I would think you’d be okay because it has a high content of rosewater which is an astringent that’s great for sensitive skin, and overall it’s not an oily product. That said, I guess you never know until you try it. Thanks for checking out my blog :) xo Anne

  • Reply September 4, 2014


    I’m completely sold and can’t wait to try!

    • Reply September 7, 2014


      let me know what you think Miss Mae!

      • Reply November 24, 2014


        Bought it and love it!! I’ve had great results using this as an overnight mask and mini 10 minute facial. My skin feels plump and firm afterwards – thanks for the recommendation!

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