The Romantic Half-Crown Braid

I recently came across an image on instagram of a half-crown braid and it instantly caught my attention. As most of the hair is worn down, there’s a youthful, relaxed feel too the look, yet, the braided crown adds that romantic, artful touch. And the draping back of the braids really flatters the face. I had to learn how to create this look and in turn share it with all of you!

I decided to enlist the help of some pro’s. One of my favorite Chicago beauty spots, Arch Apothecary (at 1359 N Wells St. in Old Town) offers 10$ braids and buns – fantastic value, in my opinion. I got into the chair while Abby, one of their braiding experts, got to work showing me how to construct the look. 

This bohemian chic half-crown is absolutely a style you could do on your own at home. Or have a friend lend a hand if you need. Or go visit Abby (for the locals). She whipped this up in under 10 minutes!

Here are the steps:


crownbraid1-01 crownbraid2-02


The products Abby used were:

Oribe Dry Texturizer Spray all over hair to start, Superfine Hair Spray after hair is curled, and Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray to finish.




  • Reply November 3, 2014


    $10 braids!? I would be there every single day. Love this look on you!

    • Reply November 4, 2014


      Thank you!! Salon prices (compared to NY) are DEFINITELY a perk of midwest livin :)

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