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Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions

You’ve just splurged on a luxurious, new, jumbo size, signature scent. It reigns over your bathroom counter like a Disney princess with it’s sparkling bottle and romantic logo.

The very last thing you want to do is risk injury to it by bringing it with you on a trip.

I’ve learned from experience to leave my favorite perfume at home. I’d rather come home to my lavish perfume bottle safe and sound where I left it, than have it rag-dolled by a baggage handler and break in my suitcase. You might love the scent but do you love it enough to risk all your packed belongings getting doused in it?

And of course, if you only travel with carry on, then you need to find a 3.4 ounces-or-less solution.

I don’t recommend rollerballs for several reasons (rollerballs are those “purse-size” oil perfume sticks that Sephora and Ulta peddle near the checkout). Because they have direct contact with your skin, they can get contaminated easily which spoils the scent. The other problem I’ve frequently encountered is that the scent presents itself very differently in an oil form than in a diffused spray form, so the oil can smell quite far from the original and even unpleasant. Lastly, rollerballs are not immune to leaks, and oil can be treacherous to clean from the inside of a purse or from clothing.

Instead, my recommendation is to buy an affordable eau de parfum or toilette in a mini, travel-size bottle. I recommend a different scent than what you wear at home. Get away from the perfume you wear to the office everyday or the warm musk you wear to warm up the sub-zero climate of wherever you live. Choose something light, refreshing and all-purpose as your getaway scent.

Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions

Fitting that criteria is Tocca’s line of Travel Fragrance Sprays (in Eau de Parfum) at Sephora which I discovered before a recent weekend trip. This perfectly petite cylindrical bottle with a secure top and a reusable box-as-buffer is the ideal companion for a short carry-on weekend or a several week sojourn.

Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions

The 20 ml (.68 oz) will last you a good long while, and for $34 you won’t be crushed if you accidentally leave it at the hotel (as a point of reference, Jo Malone’s line of travel fragrances are $60 for roughly the same volume). In Sephora stores there are 6 scents offered in the Tocca travel size line (more scents are available on Sephora’s website). As scents are so personal I recommend you go try them. To my nose and on my wrist, three of them are winners and three are not. Simone, is a floral citrus mix made of watermelon, frangipani and ylang ylang. Stella has the bright energy of zesty blood oranges; it’s the perfect scent to invigorate a jet-lagged traveller to get up and explore. Colette is a warmer, vanilla-based scent but calm and clean enough for day. The other three – Cleopatra, Florence, and Giuletta didn’t do it for me.

Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions

Another line I like for travel is called Demeter Fragrance Library, and conveniently, you can find it in your local Duane Reade/Walgreens Look boutique, online, or Chicagoans, you can find it at Merz Apothecary. These sprays are lighter than eau de parfum (they are called “cologne sprays”) and are 99% natural. The long tight cap feels engineered to prevent spills. A 1.0 oz bottle is $15 at Walgreens but online you can get a 1/2 oz bottle for $10 – even less risk of breakage. This means if you want to diversify and bring a few scents with you or even layer scents it won’t empty the bank or take up much space in your suitcase to do so. Have your coffee beans on hand when you go to smell them; Demeter makes over 250 scents and there’s somewhere around 100 on display in the drugstore Look boutiques. I’m clearly in a fruit mood: my favorites right now are Apple Blossom and Peach. Moonbeam is a soft vanilla that layers great with other florals and fruits in the collection.

Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions Defining Delphine - Travel Perfume Solutions


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