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Defining Delphine - Tulum Style

I Like to describe Tulum, Mexico, as a place where downtowners, drifters and dreamers all mix. But long before the fashionistas and hippies descended, the Mayans chose it as their trade port and lookout fort. The pristine beaches, jungle trees and dirt roads give you a glimpse into what their Tulum might have looked like. The abundance of yoga studios, shamans and green drinks would give the Mayans a glimpse into our modern vacation psyche: desperately seeking inner peace away from the demands of city life (one hotel manager told us over 70% of his guests are from New York City). It’s one of the few places where you can still honestly tell people you won’t have access to wifi. Another popular relaxation practice in Tulum is to meditate on a cocktail list. Seriously, I’ve never discovered a place with such consistently delicious cocktails. Not just fresh, but also original. The bars, often thatched-roof or open air, lit with mason jar candles or hanging lanterns, are such romantic, imaginative little spaces I half wonder now if I dreamt them. Style-wise, Tulum is a makeup and heels-free zone. But don’t be fooled. Many of those faces are fresh from a spa treatment and those strappy, minimalist sandals on their soles fresh off the designer shelves.

I left with a sense that there really is something for everyone. Surfing, sunbathing, beach walks, biking, wildlife observation, ruin-trotting, people-watching, people-meeting, boutique-browsing, al-fresco dining and tiki-bar crawling… I hope to get back someday for more Tulum adventures.


Defining Delphine - Tulum Style

1. this silk, flowy black Elizabeth and James dress for nights (and ditching the heels)

2. colorful days on the beaches

3. Mayan ruins kept company by majestic red flowering trees

4.  the artisanal, tropically-scented Coqui Coqui perfumes sold at the Coqui Coqui hotel boutique

5. chilaquiles-powered mornings

6. dresses and beach cover ups designed for wanderlusting at Josa Tulum

7.  cherished inactivity, just for a few moments


*Coqui Coqui photo credit: from Once Wed

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