Unlucky in Love with A Jumpsuit

A few nights ago, I stayed up to watch Late Night with Seth Meyers. I will confess I was excited to see his guest that night, Kelly Ripa. I like her. I always have. That effervescent, warm, quick-witted charm is undeniable. Those big-eyes, that wide-dimpled smile and sunshine yellow hair casts a buoyant spell on her guests and her audience alike.

When I saw the teaser for the guests on Seth Meyers that night, I decided to wait up for her. I’m always curious what expansion of personality we get to see when a daytime persona stops in at the more permissive late night shows. And given that Kelly is a natural improviser on her show, I knew she could be counted on for an entertaining repartee with Seth without those cringeworthy late-night interviewer story-prompts.

The segment was great. She talked about working the Oscars backstage (here’s that snippet) and regaled the audience with a very funny story about getting through security at the Washington Correspondent’s dinner (wish NBC provided that snippet). But all of that was second fiddle. The real spark of the segment was her OUTFIT. She walked onstage in the most fabulous jumpsuit I’ve ever laid eyes on, which may sound like an oxymoron to the jumpsuit skeptics out there. I concede, I wasn’t an early adopter of the jumpsuit but I’ve come around on the idea that a really well-designed jumpsuit can turn heads. This one turned mine. Kelly’s jumpsuit was made of featherweight layers of black chiffon with a gold-threaded swiss dot motif. It was so many things at once – fun, flirty, sleek, flattering, delicate.

I swooned. It struck me as the perfect outfit for my upcoming birthday celebration.

I feared it might be by a fancy designer, but was optimistic that it was made by a contemporary brand within my price reach – something like DVF, French Connection, or Alice and Olivia.

I spent the next morning engaged in a laser-focused google session to find this jumpsuit. I scoured the internet to no avail. I tweeted at Kelly. I EVEN tweeted at Seth. No luck. Crickets.

After multiple revisions to my search terms I managed to stumble on a picture of Cameron Diaz wearing the very same one.

cam diaz

And in the corresponding article to the Cam Diaz photo the designer was referenced: Stella McCartney. Uh oh. I love Stella McCartney, but I know her price range. Still, I held out hope. Maybe it would be on sale somewhere?

In a frenzy, I googled “Stella McCartney Black and Gold Jumpsuit”.

It was available!

On Net-A-Porter

Full price.


Heartbreak! Oh, the misery of unrequited love! I should have known better. I can’t play in Kelly Ripa’s wardrobe sandbox!


mccartney jumpsuit


My birthday came and went. I wore something else. The celebration was just as sweet.

Looking back, I’m glad I fell for Stella’s creation even if it was out of my league. Better that than to never have known it at all…

And now I can hunt for a cheap knockoff :) Leave a comment if you find one!




*title image from Headline Planet


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