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How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending America’s Beauty Show here at McCormick Place in Chicago. Though it’s called a “beauty” show, the vast majority of brands participating were hair industry brands. In every direction brightly marketed stalls, stage demonstrations, models, product displays, sample handouts, shoppers with roller suitcases, music and chatter filled the gigantic exhibition space. As a first timer, I felt a little like the provincial country girl at Barnum and Bailey for the first time.

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

My goal as a beauty blogger attendee was to talk to as many professionals as possible and learn as much as I could about the hair industry: buzz-worthy emerging brands, distinctive products, styling tricks, etc. But at the top of my list, was one long-standing goal: to find out exactly what a consumer should look for in a hair dryer. If there ever was a place to have that mystery solved, it was here.

I get asked so often for hair dryer recommendations, and although I’ve sampled a bunch on the market, I don’t feel sufficiently educated on the considerations a consumer should make when shopping for a blow dryer. Most women, myself included, use a hair dryer regularly or semi-regularly, yet how many of us know anything about the dryer we use? And if you’re in the market for a new one, there are so many options at all different prices that it can be daunting to pick one.

Well, I was in luck. I found my hair dryer expert at the Beauty Show.

You’ve probably had your hair dried with a Turbo Power Hair Dryer at some point; it’s one of the most popular dryers among salons and stylists, and has a fantastic reputation for its high-quality parts and design. They have a wide range of products and all their dryers are made in Italy with Italian components. I knew Turbo Power to be a well-established brand so I decided to approach; I quickly got to chatting with the US Sales Manger for Turbo Power Hair Dryers, Damiano Petruccelli who welcomed my broad-ranging questions enthusiastically.


 {Q & A}

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo


Defining Delphine: I know that when I shop for a hair dryer there are certain cosmetic elements that may influence my decision such as weight, noise-level, color, the feel of the handle. But when it comes to the inside working parts, the “engine”, what should I be looking for in a good everyday blow dryer?

Damiano: Well the engine is the heart of your blow dryer, it’s what separates a good product to a mediocre one. The first thing you look for is AC motor vs a DC motor; AC will outperform DC in every aspect. The second is an AC motor made in Italy. The Italian made motor is simply the best one on the market.

Defining Delphine: And as you go up in price, what changes about the “engine”?

Damiano: As far as the higher-end models are concerned, for our products they are using the latest technology in weight and power. Simply put they are lighter, stronger and more efficient.

Defining Delphine: Are higher watts just about drying quicker or does the higher heat actually create a better, smoother blow out?

Damiano: Higher watts does both. With higher watts you get a stronger air flow and higher heat, which will create a smoother blow out.

Defining Delphine: I see the words “ionic” and “ceramic” advertised on blow dryers. What does this mean and how important is it to get an ionic and ceramic dryer?

Damiano: On our Ionic and Ceramic models there is a specially made Ionic generator built into the heating element. The ionic generator creates millions of negative ions. Negative ions will remove any static electricity from the hair. The effect of ceramic combined with a negative ion charge permits heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without drying out the hairs external structure. I feel it’s important to have these 2 features for smooth, silky hair.

Defining Delphine: For the women who want a salon-quality, top of the line blow dryer at home, can you recommend a turbo power model? And for the women who want more of an entry level product but still a solid performer?

Damiano: Salon-quality would be our Twin Turbo 3200 Ionic and Ceramic version – it’s one of our most popular items we sell. Our Turbo 1500 model 307-A would be an entry level, but “entry” from our line is still more professional then most other dryers on the market. (See corresponding images below)

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

How to Shop For a Blow Dryer - Defining Delphine - Twin Turbo

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